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Service Rock Products provides a variety of mix designs ranging from low strength flowable fill mixes to lightweight concrete to specialty mix designs with up to 10,000 PSI in strength. We offer both State and County approved mix designs that comply with local agency specifications. We also provide a full line of decorative concrete colored mixes utilizing the latest computerized coloring systems and batching technologies.

Our Technical Services department will assist you with selecting the appropriate mix design to meet your project specifications. No matter how big or small your job is... Service Rock Products is here to make sure your project goes smoothly.

We can add the following products to any load at your request:
Fiber reinforcement, Concrete set time additives, Accelerators and Retarders, Chilled and Hot Water, Ice, Air Entraining Admixtures, and Integrated Color.


Service Rock Products provides a variety of Coarse and Fine aggregates. We offer Fine aggregates that range from C-33 Concrete Sand to Mortar Sands that meet ASTM specification, additionally we are proud to offer USGA approved Golf Course Sand. We offer Coarse aggregates to include the following ASTM sizes: #4 - #67 - #89. We can also provide State and County approved Type II Base materials for any project.

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